— BDSM and bitch angels! —
my name is Reverend Garterbelt (Reece Jones) I am the priest of Daten city. I am burdened with the task of looking after two troublesome angels:
Panty and Stocking.
If you need to confess your sins and repent to the good lord then come pay me a visit. Choir boys always welcome...
Independent Garterbelt Roleplay blog.
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collab with omnibutter!! isa did the initial sketch and i colored it.this was so fun to make!
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Ahh…h-hello everyone! I wanted to start a blog to put up photographs of me and my friends, p-p-p-p-panty (*sigh*) and stocking.  Sometimes garter-belt if he’s not being such a creep.  A-anyways, I hope to hear from you all soon!
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P&S | zorim
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ビッチさん | からあげ太郎
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